Support for business ambassadors

speed networking with students talking to students

We value highly the involvement of business ambassador volunteers in our school employability activities, and all our programmes are organised to provide support to those who give up their time.

The majority of our activities take place during school hours (9am -3.30pm) with refreshments provided where required.

While we are always on the look-out for volunteers to take part in forthcoming activities, we don’t expect volunteers to agree to any regular commitment but we do expect you to turn up once you’ve agreed to a particular date.

Before the event, we’ll let you know exactly where and when to turn up and any directions and parking arrangements. You’ll receive a schedule and the context of the activity so that you can feel prepared – this will include the age of the students, stream levels if appropriate and the part you’re expected to play on the day. All our activities are introduced to the students at the start of the event by our lead practitioner.

Before you begin volunteering with us and during any activities in school you’ll be fully supported.

We always appreciate any time that our business ambassadors can volunteer to work with schools. You can find out more about the activities you might be asked to take part in on our employer interactions page. 

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