Employability needs to be part of a coherent career development and work-related programme in schools, delivered in partnership with education, employers and careers professionals.
Michelle Taylor, MD Ideas4Careers UK Ltd – Careers & Employability Conference for Schools

Student activity

Delivering workshops to the highest standards, we offer innovative and engaging programmes that will help young people:

  • Feel excited and inspired about exploring the world of work
  • Have insights into potential career opportunities
  • Be better prepared for work with a greater knowledge and understanding of employer expectations
  • Have greater confidence in presenting themselves effectively to an employer
  • Recognise their own personal attributes and skills to make better informed choices
  • Have an opportunity to engage with local business leaders and discuss their plans with professional careers advisers
  • Feel more empowered and self-confident in their aspirations for the future, increasing levels of motivation and self-belief

Our flexible programmes include any combination of units and can be selected to meet student need over full or half days depending on school requirements. The content has been proven to work successfully with students at risk of NEET and can be adapted for SEND.

Our relationship with schools is strong, we are good at what we do and this is recognised in the feedback we receive from schools, students and employers who support our programmes:

When asked, what will you do as a result of today, students responded by saying

  • Write a better CV that will get you noticed and more likely to get you the job!
  • Prepare myself better for interviews – have more confidence
  • Get involved in more things to show future employers that I have developed skills and that i’m an interesting person
  • Revise more to get the grades I need
  • I now know how to present to an audience more confidently
  • Change my participation in lessons to get more out of it
  • Do research before making important decisions
  • Believe in myself