Careers Leaders

Michelle PowellAs Careers Leader, you are responsible for the design of the career guidance development plan, and the implementation and quality assurance of the careers programme at your school or college.

We offer a range of support for Careers Leaders to help Careers Leaders meet the Gatsby Benchmarks:

If you’re looking for support with achieving specific Gatsby Benchmarks, our expertise includes:

  • Help developing a programme of activities for careers guidance
    Gatsby Benchmark 1 – A stable careers programme
  • Support with curriculum planning
    Gatsby Benchmark 4 – Linking curriculum to careers
  • Careers and labour market information (LMI) provision
    Gatsby Benchmark 2 – Learning from career and labour market information
  • Facilitating encounters with employers and apprenticeship training providers
    Gatsby benchmark 5 – Encounters with employers and employees
  • Providing career guidance services
    Gatsby Benchmark 8 – Personal Guidance and Gatsby Benchmark 3 – Addressing the needs of each pupil

In addition to support with the Benchmarks we offer: