Psychometric profiling

Unlock potential with psychometric profiling

Have you ever wondered…

  • Where your strengths and weaknesses lie?
  • How you communicate with others in the workplace?
  • What motivates you?
  • What potential careers may suit you?

In addition to our career guidance services, we can offer a choice of two online psychometric profiling instruments to provide you with additional objective information on your strengths, personality style, work-based performance and future career options:

Morrisby Profile

A range of assessments which measure various aptitudes including numeracy, verbal and non-verbal reasoning and assessments of your spatial and mechanical skills. The assessments also consider your preferences, personality and any talents you may have. You will receive:

  • A detailed personalised report with suggestions for suitable career options
  • Career and route planning tools and information
  • Career advice and guidance and an insight into what type of employment might be a good fit for you
Time taken: 1 hr 40 mins to take assessments at home
1 hr 30 consultation with a career guidance practitioner
Most suitable for Career changers with limited ideas of what they might be best suited to, needing a fresh and comprehensive
re-assessment of themselves.
Cost £145.00 + VAT

Thomas International (Personal Profiling Assessment)

This is a personality-based assessment which explores your preferred working style and can include detailed customised insights into:

  • Key areas of dissatisfaction or stress in your current job or circumstances
  • Your natural behavioural style in the workplace, including how you adapt it when under pressure
  • What work environments, job roles and careers areas you’re likely to thrive in
  • Your leadership style, including potential strengths and areas for development

You’ll receive a customised report based on your individual requirements to aid your guidance session.

Time taken: 10-15 minute questionnaire
1 hr 30 consultation with a career guidance practitioner
Most suitable for People in work seeking a better understanding of their preferred workplace behaviours, job roles they are best suited to and a guide to personal development planning.
Cost £145.00 + VAT